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Finally Free Workbook
Accountability Partner
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Apply here if you'd like me (Andrew) to be your accountability partner to go through Finally Free Workbook with you. There are 11 sessions, one session (chapter) per week, 1-1.5 hours per session on Zoom. I am only available to do it for one person at a time, so please check the availability and schedule HERE and apply only if the schedule works for you. Please fill out your information on the right (or below). Applying here does not guarantee your enrollment as I need to pray and discern whether it will be a good fit for each other first.


Also, please note that I will not be playing the role of a mentor to you; rather, I will be your accountability partner, meaning both of us will be mutually accountable to each other. I might know more about the material in the book, but in terms of our journey of recovery and healing, the ground is level; we are simply two brothers in Christ encouraging each other as we take bold steps into honesty and vulnerability, one step at a time, depending on the Holy Spirit.

Lastly, please consider helping me with a donation if you want to. I'm not doing this with a financial aim; I'm doing this because I've struggled for a long time on my own, and I wish I had a helping hand like this then, so I want to be that helping hand to you. At the same time, I am striving to make ends meet and pay my bills, so help with any amount would be very encouraging to me. If you'd like to help me, please enter your email address and the amount below and click "PayPal" or "Debit or Credit Card" button. Please feel free to donate after you hear back from me about the acceptance of your application. Also, if you're able to and want to donate, I'd like to mention a suggested amount of $500 (USD) which is about $45 per session. Considering that a counseling session can usually cost around $100 per hour, I believe this suggested amount is reasonable. But again, any amount would be appreciated especially if you're struggling to make ends meet yourself. Thank you for your consideration!

Once you submit the application, I'll get back to you shortly via email.

God bless,

Andrew Lee

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