Travel English

49 Most Common Expressions to Unlock Your Adventure

Course Summary

 Welcome to my course, designed to transform your travel experiences. This course will equip you with the key English expressions you need to navigate the globe. Here's what we'll cover:

1. Dealing with Issues or Making Special Requests at a Hotel:
- Communicate smoothly with hotel staff.
- Solve common issues like reservation problems and room preferences.
- Request special services like extra beds or late check-out.  

2. Navigating the Airport:
- Find your way through airports confidently.
- Learn how to ask for your preferred seat, find your flight gate, and deal with luggage issues.  

3. Using Public Transport:
- Get around cities using buses, trains, and subways.
- Learn to ask about fares, routes, and ticket purchases.  

4. Ordering Food:
- Enjoy dining at local restaurants.
- Learn how to ask about menu items, dietary restrictions, and payment details.  

5. Asking for Directions:
- Navigate unfamiliar places with ease.
- Learn how to ask for and understand directions.  

6. Shopping:
- Shop comfortably wherever you go.
- Learn how to inquire about prices, sizes, payment options, and more.  

7. Visiting a Tourist Attraction:
- Make the most of your sightseeing experiences.
- Learn to ask about opening hours, ticket prices, photography rules, and special events.  

This interactive course is designed with practical dialogues that mimic real-life situations. You'll not just learn these expressions but practice them through roleplay scenarios. And the best part? You can replay the lessons as many times as you want!  

So, if you're excited to make your travel adventures more enriching and less stressful, this course is just for you. Let's unlock your global journey together!

Course Curriculum

Andrew Lee

Meet Andrew, a seasoned English coach and cross-cultural expert with over 20 years of experience living, studying, and working in the US and Canada. Originally from South Korea, Andrew faced and overcame numerous challenges to achieve English fluency, eventually mastering the language and gaining invaluable life experience as a foreigner in English-speaking countries.

Through his educational journey, Andrew earned a Bachelor's degree in Physics from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University, a Master of Divinity from Regent College in Vancouver, Canada, and a TESL certificate from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. His diverse academic background equips him with a unique understanding of various learning styles and the capacity to adapt his coaching techniques accordingly.

Having personally guided and supported numerous English learners over the years, Andrew is intimately familiar with the obstacles and challenges that language learners face. His passion for empowering English learners across the globe stems from his desire to save them time and spare them the difficulties he encountered during his own language journey. Through his tailored coaching approach, Andrew helps students navigate the shortcut to success in their English learning adventures.

In his personal life, Andrew is a loving husband and father, having recently returned to South Korea with his beautiful wife and adorable baby daughter. When you choose Andrew as your English coach, you're not only benefiting from his vast experience and expertise, but you're also gaining a dedicated mentor who understands your struggles and is committed to your success.

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