Speak Your Heart

Mastering Expressions of Emotions in English

Course Summary

Through these lessons, you'll develop the ability to effectively convey a wide range of feelings using English expressions. Here's a preview of what you'll cover in each lesson: 

1. Celebrating Joyful Moments: 
- Explore expressions to communicate happiness and excitement during positive events. 

2. Navigating Challenges: 
- Learn how to convey emotions of sadness and disappointment when facing difficulties. 

3. Embracing Anticipation: 
- Develop the language to express excitement and eagerness about upcoming experiences. 

4. Handling Pressure: 
- Acquire phrases to describe stress and overwhelming situations. 

5. Embracing Calmness: 
- Discover vocabulary to communicate feelings of relaxation and tranquility. 

6. Dealing with Nervousness: 
- Learn how to express unease and anxiety in various situations. 

7. Expressing Fatigue: 
- Develop the ability to communicate exhaustion and weariness. 

Upon completing this course, you'll have a toolkit of expressions that empower you to effectively communicate your emotions in English. Enroll now to embark on this transformative journey of mastering emotional expressions

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Andrew Lee

Meet Andrew, a seasoned English coach and cross-cultural expert with over 20 years of experience living, studying, and working in the US and Canada. Originally from South Korea, Andrew faced and overcame numerous challenges to achieve English fluency, eventually mastering the language and gaining invaluable life experience as a foreigner in English-speaking countries.

Through his educational journey, Andrew earned a Bachelor's degree in Physics from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University, a Master of Divinity from Regent College in Vancouver, Canada, and a TESL certificate from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. His diverse academic background equips him with a unique understanding of various learning styles and the capacity to adapt his coaching techniques accordingly.

Having personally guided and supported numerous English learners over the years, Andrew is intimately familiar with the obstacles and challenges that language learners face. His passion for empowering English learners across the globe stems from his desire to save them time and spare them the difficulties he encountered during his own language journey. Through his tailored coaching approach, Andrew helps students navigate the shortcut to success in their English learning adventures.

In his personal life, Andrew is a loving husband and father, having recently returned to South Korea with his beautiful wife and adorable baby daughter. When you choose Andrew as your English coach, you're not only benefiting from his vast experience and expertise, but you're also gaining a dedicated mentor who understands your struggles and is committed to your success.

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